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Nutritional Health 
 Pure, effective and

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    natural health
(used personally since 
2003 with positive results)

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Multi Mineral Vitamin
Low Cost High Value

Multi Mineral Vitamin Supplement - low cost high value
Broad spectrum multi 
vitamin mineral 
supplement contains
48 active, natural, 
essential nutrients.

These are not cheap
chemically produced ingredients as are often
found in many other
Multi-Xtra assists
with nutrient 
deficiencies from 
inadequate diets.

More details:-
Multi Mineral and
Vitamin Supplement
   Low Cost Potent
   Omega3 Fish Oil
Natural & Bioavailable
     NOT synthetic

Low Cost Potent Omega3 Fish Oil Supplement
Proven Qualities:-
1. PURITY - sourced 
from pristine southern 
ocean. Free from ALL contaminants
2. FRESH - full 
3. NO masked flavours
or fragrances
4. NO rancidity 
5. Omega 3 and DHA 
highest possible
6. Anti-inflammatory
properties = highest

Obtained from a
totally sustainable
fish resource controlled by the
by New Zealand Gov't.

More details - 3 choices
Omega3 Fish Oil
Supplement $17.95 US
 Fight Back Against  
Colds, Flu and Other 
    Viral Infections

Fight back against viral infections
20 ingredients with 
proven anti-viral 
properties. Includes 
olive leaf extract with 
20% Oleuropein 
(not 12% like most 

Quality olive leaf 
extract benefits the 
immune system. Also 
helps  with prevention 
and symptoms of viral infections.

More details ...
Fight Viral Infections
100% Free From Impurities
Highly Advanced Specialty
Nutritional Health Supplements
Provide Essential Nutrients Daily For Improved Immune System Health

*Guaranteed Potency and True to Label*
For Your Protection and Peace of Mind

Serious About Improving Your Longevity, Health and Wellness?
350%* More Potent Nutritional Health Supplements
Replace Lost Essential Nutrients.

Nutrients which are free of contaminants and actually reach your body cells!
To enhance overall natural health and wellness plus slow down the aging process your body cells require a comprehensive range of high caliber essential nutrients daily. Anything less can cause adverse health effects.  

Do you experience for example...
  • a lack of energy and vitality
  • aches and pains
  • dry skin and/or hair

If you answer yes to any of these questions chances are that your daily requirement of essential nutrients is not being met.

Fifty years ago this was easily achieved by eating a balanced diet including lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Total body balance was achievable.

Vegetables and Fruit Were Once Very Nutritious

Vegetable and fruit producers used to rely on natural methods for growing. They didn't use chemical fertilizers or harmful chemical sprays to combat pests and diseases.

Veges and fruit tasted great especially raw carrots. (Today I seldom eat bought raw carrots as they are bright orange and mostly have an unpleasant taste. Who knows what's been absorbed with today's growing methods?) All used to be grown naturally without being forced and crops were rotated to save depletion of essential soil nutrients. This also helped stop pest and disease build-up. (Pests and diseases love to attack less than healthy plants.)

These days most crops are produced every year on the same ground. For example, a potato or onion farmer often does just that. He uses his same land year in and year out for the same crop. I've lived and worked in horticultural areas and personally seen non rotational crop production. Yes, 25 years ago we grew glass house tomatoes on the same ground which had grown tomatoes for 6 years and I believe are still being grown in the same glass houses!

Don't Be Fooled Into Believing Todays 
Fruit and Vegetables Contribute  As Much
To Your Health and Wellness as 50 Years Ago

Today the emphasis is more on producing 'designer' fruit and vegies.

  • they must look good
  • have bright colors
  • be prolific producers
  • last 'forever'
  • and not mind how they are transported - will stay in perfect condition!
Too bad about the nutrient content. Do you know that today you need to eat 8 oranges to obtain the Vitamin A that one orange provided years ago?

Following is a recent analysis, not widely published, of nutrient loss in potatoes over 50 years. (25 fruits and vegetables were tested by government researchers using 1951, 1972 and 1999 comparative figures.)

Over the last 50 years the potato has lost:

  • 100% of its vitamin A
  • 57% of its vitamin C and iron
  • 28% of its calcium
  • 50% of its riboflavin
  • 18% of its thiamine
Broccoli ranked as one of the worst showing all nutrients had declined significantly including niacin and calcium down by 63%.
Why Less Than Optimum Nutrition
Affects Your Health and Wellness

Just as plants need essential nutrients to create resistance to pests and diseases humans need optimum nutrition to obtain vibrant health.

Perhaps you are suffering from...
  • feeling tired often
  • frequent colds and flu 
  • painful joints
  • hay fever, allergies
  • cuts and bruises that heal slowly
  • headaches
  • poor levels of concentration
  • feeling unable to cope with stress

Many of us have experienced these problems. Although there can be many possible causes, more often than not, a lack of essential nutrients to keep the immune system healthy is the underlying cause. This means the quality of our general health and wellness will become less than desirable. 

A Healthy Immune System
Allows The Body to Heal Itself Naturally

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 Green Lip Mussel
Powder Supplement
From NZ Eco-friendly
   Grown Mussels

Green Lipped Mussel Supplement

100% natural without
chemical stabilizers or
30 minutes from raw
mussels to packaged
powder capsules. 
Unique processing 
ensures all nutrients 
are retained -
NO high temp cooking 
or freezing .

Max health benefits
from fresh, healthy
whole mussels -not
parts or rejects from
some other process.

More details...
Green Lip Mussel
Powder Supplement


 Wanting Relief From
Muscle and Joint

Here's a safe natural
pain relief for joints
and muscles which
targets the actual
cause of the pain.

Safe natural pain relief for arthritis

This most advanced
formula has 32 safe,
effective ingredients
which work together
for maximum pain relief
on all forms of aches
and pains.

The 7 herbal extracts
included have
properties known to
help reduce swelling,
pain and stiffness.
Detailed information
on every ingredient.

More details...
Relief For Muscle and
Joint Aches/Pains

Free shipping on orders 
over $60.

    Total Balance
    Natural Health
    ...the absolute
'Crème de la Crème'
product for improved
 health and wellness

Total Balance natural health supplement

Maximum efficacy from
up to 95 specialized
bio-active nutrients.

7 versions to suit
your individual needs
age and sex. All the
daily vitamins and
minerals required.

NO need for extra
supplements such as
the powerful
Zeaxanthin and
Astaxanthin - these
are included.

Advance technology.
No risk guarantee. 

More details...
Total Balance Natural
Health Supplement


   Pure Bee Pollen
      Free of ALL


Pure Bee Pollen Supplement

1. NO air pollution  
2. NO vehicle pollution
3. NO heavy metals
4. NO pesticide residue
5. NO toxins
6. NO poisonous plants
7. Processed without 
8. NO bees are harmed
during collection

Pure NZ bee pollen
from remote, clean and
natural environment
bordered by the  
Tasman sea and
National  Parks

Natural Energy with
New Zealand bee
pollen. Highest  bio-
available formula.

Buy with confidence.
Pure Bee Pollen
Supplement $27.50 US

Free shipping on orders 
over $60.


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Your immune system can become less than healthy due to the stresses of modern day living which often includes an inadequate diet. Daily we face pollution and toxic chemicals. Chemicals in food, cleaners, personal care and building materials to name
a few.

Warning signals such as stiff joints, fatigue, headaches, allergies, fungal problems like athlete's foot, and ulcers tell us our body is not coping. Often we experience many years of symptoms before diseases of the immune system, known as autoimmune diseases, take hold. The unhealthy immune system seems to go awry by turning on itself and attacking various tissues of the body rather than attacking outside bacteria and toxins.

By 'feeding' your immune system you give it strength to fight ailments and disease.

Daily Essential Nutrients Boost The Immune System, 
Encourage Vibrant Health and Longer Life

As it is virtually impossible to live the simpler, healthier life of our grandparents it is very difficult today to obtain the daily quality essential nutrients for natural health and wellness. Fruit and veges 'ain't what they used to be', processed and refined foods
are used for convenience, poor quality tap water, smoking and alcohol don't exactly

promote longer life, health and wellness.

Optimum nutrition consists of a broad range of amino acids, specific botanicals and
trace elements, vitamins and minerals on a daily basis. When these nutrients are

combined using scientific formulations and only pure ingredients in the correct proportions you have a product which allows the ingredients to work in harmony, thus improving overall effectiveness. 

A Quick Easy and Safe Solution
To Transform Poor Immune System Function Into 

Stronger Immune System Health

Your ultimate wellness solution is virtually a 'one-stop-shop' potent nutritional health supplement providing total body balance which contributes to longer life plus vibrant health and wellness.

Yes! ALL from one high energy total balance health supplement.

Here are the reasons...

  • High potency ingredients such as 98% pure beta-carotene and 99% pure vitamin B12 (Most manufacturers use 3% purity for both these ingredients)
  • ALL ingredients used have a Certificate of Analysis confirming potency.
  • ALL ingredients are tested prior to manufacture for microbiological contamination.
  • ALL ingredients stated on the label are present as stated
  • ALL documentation regarding the above is available

Plus there is more!

  • Products are formulated by Prof. Dr Munem Daoud considered one of the world's most brilliant bio-scientists. He is under constant demand throughout the world to deliver complex formulas and delivery systems.
  • Dr Munem Daoud has 30 years experience in this field.
  • He has 12 degrees, qualifications and awards in related subjects
  • He has 356 publications by way of scientific books, research papers, patents and pharmaceutical/health supplement formulas.

A Summary of Why You Will Benefit 
From This Impurity Free and Scientifically Formulated 
Total Balance Nutritional Health Supplement

90% of the nutrients are absorbed beneficially compared to the more common 10-20% in other brands.(Minimum 350% more effective) Reason - proven, unique, proprietary delivery system.

100% free of impurities/contaminants. Reason - raw ingredients are sourced only through *Good Manufacturing Practice* registered and audited facilities. Upon arrival they are tested and cleared, independently, and placed into sterile containers to be held in an environment exceeding that required for surgical operating theaters. After manufacture the finished product is again tested, independently, before being bottled.

95 proven essential nutrients work in harmony to benefit your health and wellness.  Reason - when scientifically formulated in the correct proportions each ingredient works for you, not against you as is the case with some calcium supplements which actually remove calcium from bones.

Manufactured in New Zealand using the same process as pharmaceuticals.
Reason- New Zealand has much tougher regulations than USA. The founders live in New Zealand and require the highest standards. They meet these standards plus 'go the extra mile' to be as perfect as they can be. Plus, they are continually alert to new beneficial ways to increase quality and effectiveness.

  Total body balance in one high energy health supplement at one price. Reason - save money by not having to spend a fortune on a multitude of health and wellness products. Most health supplements do not provide total body balance due to nutrients not being formulated in the correct proportions. Plus the quality could well be suspect and contain contaminants such as lead found in 8 out of 22 calcium products tested by Researchers at the University of Florida, Gainesville.

Guaranteed Potency and True to Label 
Nutritional Health Supplements

Relaxed regulations in many countries mean...
there is NO government pressure to guarantee potency and be true to label.

However, there now is one company providing professionalism and highest quality effective health supplements with guaranteed potency & true to label.
Currently shipping free, to 65 countries, for orders over $60

As a satisfied long time customer I rate this company 10/10 for business ethics 
and commitment to quality wellness and nutritional supplements.

This Range of Highly Advanced 
Specialty Nutritional Health Supplements Comprises:-

Total Balance Range: now 7 versions
Marine Bio Actives:-
# Omega3 Fish Oil natural NOT synthetic
# Green Lip Mussel Powder natural - No chemical stabilizers or additives
low cost multi vitamin mineral
Not Just Joints: helps soothe aching joints and muscles
Bone-Support: Supports a strong      skeletal system
Cardio-Support: targets circulatory system
Lipi-Rite: helps manage cholesterol
Systemic Care:helps manage blood sugar
Female Rejuvenator: feminine health
Male Rejuvenator: male health
Natural Energy Bee Pollen  Supplement: 31 ingredients including     New Zealand bee pollen
Neuro-Natural General: 'feeds' brain and     nervous system
Neuro-Natural Memory: maintenance for     the memory
Neuro-Natural Sleep: aids sleep pattern
Neuro-Natural Serenity: Emotional             wellbeing
Immu-Stay: fight back against colds & flu

My 7 favorite most used products above link to more detailed information on the manufacturer's site.
Brief details natural health supplements They also feature with brief details in the left hand blue column.

Use the following link for detailed information on all products, all ingredients and FAQ's. It will also give you...

free shipping worldwide on orders over $60 
Natural Nutritional Health Supplements
new window opens

*Your passport to vibrant health*
Measurable results from highly advanced 
natural nutritional health supplements.

Thank you for reading.

I wish you sustained good health and wellness!

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